Robbie McEvers Memorial Golf Tourney
Robbie McEvers Memorial Golf Tourney

Who runs and pays for the tourney?

The Kiwanis Club of Jacksonville has been managing the Tournament for over ten years. In addition, they raise money to ensure that the tourney can be paid for each year. In addition, several families have supported the tourney in memorials through loved ones that have passed. We are grateful for all support we receive.


The tournament is free of charge to participants. The funds to the support the tourney are provided by the generous donors found here.


If your child enjoyed the tournament and you are so inclined or you would like to support junior golf in the form of our free tourney, please make a check payable to Kiwanis-McEvers Golf and send it to:


Kurt L. Heller, D.D.S.

1440 W Walnut

Jacksonville, IL 62650

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